Gone are the days where the only revenue stream for musicians are touring, and the mechanical sale of records. The digital revolution has allowed for an immense amount of innovative ways to allow YOU, the musician, to monetize your music on your own. Independently. Without a record label.

One of the greatest ways to do this is having your music placed in ads, TV show, films, or video games. Currently, it takes 1 million plays on Spotify to make $3,000. OR, you could have your music placed in an advertisement and make that $3,000 at ONCE.

This is where music licensing comes into place.

A great way to start out with music licensing is by uploading your music to a royalty free music library. Royalty free music libraries are online websites that allows for musicians to upload their music, and to have it available on the internet for people in media to be able to access – license, and download.

The most money that comes in from this is from a one-time sync license fee. When a filmmaker purchases a license to use that track, the musician is able to make his cut. Typically this varies from 40-60%of the overall fee.

There are musicians today that are making upwards of $100,000 using royalty free music libraries.

These musicians have realized the money that comes in from licensing, become aware of the demand and trends, and spend their 9-5 recording high-quality music to be uploaded in royalty free music libraries.

What kind of music is good for a royalty free music library?

ANY kind of music. The demand is massive.

There are royalty free music libraries that focus mainly on ‘stock music’, also known as ‘production music’. Stock music is typically instrumental music, often cinematic, that is made specifically for the purpose of being uploaded to a royalty free music library, to be licensed to content creators and filmmakers.

Stock music is often tailor-made to be perfect for royalty free music libraries. Stock music can vary from genre and style- form strings, to rock, to instrumental.

But that’s not it. Royalty free music libraries often love to have music with vocals, or literally any kind of song.

If you are a singer/song-writer, or if you’re in a rock band- a royalty free music library may be the best way to get your music out there and placed in TV and Films, and more.