Times have changed for the music industry. Record sales have fallen steadily in recent years. It is far more common for music fans to stream music or to download it digitally than to buy it from a brick and mortar store. How are artists surviving in this new climate?

Music licensing is one of the best ways musicians can make money from their creative work.

Musicians Make Money

In the early 20th century, music libraries licensed sheet music which would then be used for live performances. Today royalty free music libraries are available to a variety of different outlets. Royalty free music libraries offer thousands of songs that are available to be licensed for use in TV commercials, movie trailers, and video games. Royalty free music is also used in television news broadcasts, radio programs, and podcasts. All this music was made available through a music library. By licensing their music, recording artists can earn additional revenue, but first, they need to make their work available.

Licensing Music

The idea of music licensing may be intimidating to many aspiring musicians. It’s not as complicated as it seems, however. Companies like MusicGrid make it easy for musicians to submit their work. Having your songs or compositions placed in a video ad or video game is a great way to make up for a lack of traditional record sales; it’s a great way to be heard, and get paid. When a musician’s songs or compositions are chosen by a filmmaker or video editor, this can also lead to additional career opportunities.

Browsing a Music Library

Music libraries work much like any other library. Filmmakers, video game producers, and videographers browse a large catalog of music selections to find what they need for their projects. They can search by mood, genre, keyword, or artist. An ad agency may use a music licensing service to choose a particular song for a commercial. A radio producer may choose the music for inclusion in a radio show. The same for creators of podcasts, movie trailers, and films. Video streaming services are another platform producer sand advertisers use to get their message out. Not only is this a great source of revenue for artists, but it also gets their work exposed to a larger audience. Just think of how many plays a viral YouTube video gets? That’s a huge potential audience and a great opportunity to help musicians make money.

Increase Your Exposure

An example of a royalty free music track is that song you hear ten times a day in a radio or TV commercial. The one that just might get you to buy a particular product without even knowing it. It’s also the background music to your favorite podcast. It’s what you heard playing in your company’s training video or while playing your favorite video game. You hear it and may wonder, how does that particular song get picked? Is it luck? Luck may have something to do with it, but you can’t get lucky if you aren’t open to new opportunities.

Learn More About Royalty Free Music

Learn more about what MusicGrid has to offer filmmakers and video editors. We have thousands of songs available for your next creative project. Musicians, capture the imagination of a production company or independent filmmaker with your work. Learn more about music licensing for use in movie soundtracks and advertising campaigns. Be heard, and get paid. Visit our website.